Saturday, 20 February 2016

Welcome to my blog - my papercrafting story so far....

I have always been a practical person. As a kid I loved tapestry, cross stitch and knitting. My Mum used to sew and would make most of my clothes. Unfortunately I didn't inherit her sewing skills. I was banned from using a sewing machine at school as I was always breaking the needles because I went too fast! I had to make my gym skirt by hand, which is probably why I hate hand sewing now.

As I grew older I did start sewing and making my own clothes but that was out of necessity rather than enjoyment. I loved knitting though and always had at least one project on the go!

I’ve always loved paper and card but have never really taken that big step into papercrafting as I felt I didn’t have the time or the money to do it properly.

A few years ago I took my Dad on a chocolate truffle making course at The Chocolate Rooms in Tarleton. Dad is an absolute chocoholic so it was the perfect Christmas present for him.

Secretly I was hoping Dad would enjoy making chocolates but sadly he decided he was happier eating them. I, on the other hand got the chocolate making bug.
This was my first attempt

Once you start making chocolate you quickly realise that it’s not a good idea to eat them all so you start gifting them to people. The problem is what do you put them in? I trawled the internet for boxes, I could find boxes for 12 chocolates but not for six.

Whilst out with my friend Pam one day, I mentioned my frustration at not being able to find boxes that I liked. She very kindly offered to make some for me.

That’s our cat, Pickle, knocking them on the floor, no boxes were harmed! The boxes were beautiful but needed the ribbon threading through the tops in a certain way so Pam sent me a link to a You Tube video which showed how to make the boxes and also how to thread them up. Having watched the video I thought I could make the boxes myself so immediately ordered an envelope punch board.

And there started my passion for papercrafting.

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